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This mediums sized oven is a great all rounder. It will cater for most families as well as those wanting to do a bit of entertaining.

It will cook 4 large pizzas or hold 3-4 roasting or casserole dishes.

Italian 100 kit• Pre-cast modular oven dome

• Pre-cast brick arch

• Cotto clay refractory floor tiles and entrance plate

• Refractory Mortar

• High grade ceramic fibre blanket

• Render Wire

• Stainless steel flue and cap

• Black steel door

• Installation instructions

100 Spec Image

Internal Dimensions (mm): 1000(W) x 1000(D) x 350(H)
Minimum base size (mm): 1400(W) x 1400(D)
Weight – DIY kit (kg): 280
Pizza capacity (300mm): 4
Heating time min. (0 to 350℃): 90