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The Original is the largest Alfresco domestic oven kit and is one of the largest wood fired oven kits on the market.

This oven is the ideal entertainer and is perfect for large family gatherings and social functions — in fact due to its expansive internal cooking area, the Original is often purchased for commercial use.

Up to 6 pizzas or 4 roasting trays can be cooked in the Original at once, making it the perfect for option for large families or for those you like to entertain large groups on a regular basis.

Original kit• Pre-cast steel reinforced refractory inner dome

• Pre-cast steel reinforced refractory entrance

• Pre-cut heavy duty refractory floor bricks

• Refractory Mortar

• 1200°C ceramic fibre blanket

• Render Wire

• Pre- mixed renders in your choice of colour

• Stainless steel entrance plate

• Stainless steel flue and cap

• Stainless steel door with thermometer

• Stainless steel pizza paddle and steel wood poker

• Easy to follow instructions

Original Spec Image

Internal Dimensions (mm): 1100(W) x 1325(D) x 470(H)
Minimum base size (mm): 1400(W) x 1500(D)
Weight kg (DIY kit): 750
Pizza capacity (300mm): 6
Heating time min. (0 to 350℃): 45